Author: Victoria Michaelidou

A summary of the Impact assessment Study and Practice Recommendations from PW-PBS implementation across countries.

54 trainers and 124 early years educators and professionals from Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus took part in training and implemented Programme-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (PW-PBS) in their settings. They provided feedback on their experience. HERE are some recommendations for sustainable PBS implementation emerging from the study findings.

Symposium at 31st EECERA 2023 Conference in Portugal

After months of preparation, we are very pleased to share that the PBS-ECEC symposium titled “Implementing positive behaviour support in early childhood education and care in Europe: What, why, how, with whom and for whom?” presented at the EECERA2023 Conference was a success. See you next year! #eecera23 #pbs-ecec


PBS-ECEC Result 3 in Portugal

A few snapshots from the PBS-ECEC Result 3 in Portugal: Training ECEC teams to effectively implement a PW-PBS approach aimed at promoting children’s socioemotional development and preventing challenging behaviours early on.


NETT (Net(t)work for Education and Teacher Training) Ιnternational Μeeting in Austria

Professor Sílvia Barros (our PBS-ECEC Project coordinator) has recently given a presentation entitled ”Promoting Positive Behaviour in Early Childhood Education: A project linking internationalization, research and practice” at the NETT (Net(t)work for Education and Teacher Training) international meeting held in Austria. The dissemination of the PBS-ECEC project and its results is crucial for its sustainable implementation across European ECEC settings and systems in the future.

PW-PBS implementation in ECEC schools in Cyprus

📢📢A summary of the main activities of PW-PBS implementation in ECEC schools in Cyprus.
▪️ Snapshots from the ECEC teams’ applications such as teaching, playful activities and establishment of daily routines to promote children’s socioemotional development 🚍🏫📖📒👩🏽‍🏫🧑‍🏫

Day of Knowledge Transfer – EDUSAL-LAB

On the 8th and 9th of May, the Directorate of inED participated in the Conference on Knowledge Transfer, which took place at the Laboratorio de Transferencia del Conocimiento Educativo -EDUSAL-LAB of the Faculty of Education of the University of Salamanca, Spain.
Two days dedicated to research and sharing of projects and research lines of EDUSAL-LAB and the Centre for Research and Innovation in Education / Centro de Investigação e Inovação em Educação – Ined, including the project PBS ECEC Project

Workshop in Cyprus – Implementing PW-PBS practices with ECEC children

Our team implemented the practices of the PBS ECEC project by organizing enjoyable and playful activities aimed at enhancing the social-emotional skills of children. Our carefully planned activities encouraged children to express themselves while also honing their communication and collaboration skills.

Find out more on CARDET’s Facebook page by clicking here.


3rd Newsletter

The online learning materials and guidelines developed as part of the PBS-ECEC project are currently being used to effectively train more than 100 early years educators and 40 trainers across the four partner countries (Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece) in the use of a PW-PBS approach. More information on Result 3 can be found here.

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